ASDA Slashes Another 50 off Wii U Price

Nintendo under increasing pressure to deliver.

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ASDA Slashes Another £50 off Wii U Price
LEGO City Undercover is out. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is out. And still it seems that nobody's buying the Wii U. There's little other explanation for the latest actions of supermarket chain ASDA, which has slashed the price of Nintendo's console by another 50.

This follows an initial price cut of 50 last month, meaning that the console has had a 100 price cut from retailers since its launch in November. A brand new Wii U Basic package can be purchased at ASDA for 149, while Wii U Premiums are now available at 199.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted that the Wii U has been struggling in recent months, pointing to a failure to internally resource its software development while spending a bit too much time focusing on rescuing the 3DS on the international market.

The exec has promised that the game drought will change over the summer, now that it appears to have its 3DS in order.


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