Nintendo Blames 3DS & Wii U for Downturn

Huge downturn from predicted earnings

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Nintendo Blames 3DS & Wii U for Downturn
Nintendo head-man Saturo Iwata is to taking matters into his own hands in the USA and looking at the company's overall operating earnings, you can see why.

We reported this morning that Mr Iwata is taking the role of Nintendo of America's CEO and Chairman, looking at the fact that the company predicted 14,000 million yen Net income for the period April 1st to 2012 to March 31st 2013 but it actually made 7,099 million... you might wonder why he is in any role at Nintendo.

The loss is explained thus, "The operating loss increased primarily due to the sales of "Nintendo 3DS" and "Wii U" being weaker than expected. While foreign exchange gains in Non-operating income increased, ordinary income and net income became smaller than the forecast."

Source: Nintendo and again Nintendo.

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