National "Newspaper" Scoops Amazing Pink PS4 Exclusive

Sony Confirms No Pink PS4 as Sun Writer Guesses PS4 Launch Date

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Not a pink PS4
Not a pink PS4
President and chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House - the man responsible for making the PS4 the massive success that people like Gamestop need... sorry want it to be - has been talking to The Sun. As you'd expect, he's been saying that the new console is for everybody. As you'd expect, The Sun got a fact wrong.

House tells the "newspaper" that in terms of games (and people buying stuff), "I think the key is to have people — and increasingly women - with different sensibilities creating different games. It is not all about shoot ’em up games.”

But, and you'll laugh at the sheer shallowness of it, "We are not going down the route of making the console pink of course." Of course you're not, bless your tacit sexism.

What also happened in the story was that its writer, Daniel Jones, outed the PS4 release date as October (yes, we all know it's Novemember). Not true says Sony. "Whoops, I gots it wrong" says gorgeous, pouting love-kitten Daniel Jones (22) of The Sun as he bends sexily over his keyboard.

Well, no. What he tells actual freelance writer Johnny Cullen is, "That’s just my estimation. I think the consensus is they want it out by holiday season in US. So Oct or Nov look likely.”

Still, no pink PS4. I for one am gutted.


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