Atari Founder: Mobile's Dominance is Over, Google Glass is Gaming Future

Oculus Rift will also be where developers will head to next.

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Atari Founder: Mobile's Dominance is Over, Google Glass is Gaming Future
Think mobile gaming is here to stay? It may be, but according to Atari founder Nolan Bushnell it will soon lose its dominance in favour of emerging technologies such as Google Glass and Oculus Rift.

"The game business reinvents itself every five years. The last five years have been the days of mobile gaming and shortform gaming, exemplified by Rovio with Angry Birds and Zynga with FarmVille," Bushnell told AllThingsD. "And that is over."

He added that increased competition in the mobile space makes it more difficult for companies to achieve success in that market. "All the money’s out. Do I really want to do a mobile game that’s one of 300,000, where discoverability is everything? You really have to have a little more sizzle on the steak. I would rather be one of 100 apps for Google Glass than one of 300,000 for iOS and Android."

"I think the next big game opportunity is Google Glasses [sic]. If I told you all my ideas for it, I’d have to kill you," Bushnell remarked, before adding, "and the Oculus Rift."

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