Battlefield 4 Unveiled, Will Feature Open-Ended Single-Player Campaign

17-minute gameplay video inside.

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Battlefield 4 Unveiled, Will Feature Open-Ended Single-Player Campaign
It's Battlefield 4! DICE's new war game was formally unveiled last night, so naturally the rest of the games media has gone bananas over it. But let us just give you the facts - the Swedish studio revealed that it has plans to address the linearity of Battlefield 3's single-player campaign by introducing open-world freedoms to the game.

The idea, according to DICE's Creative Director Lars Gustavsson, is to adopt the open-ended approach that the previous game took with its multiplayer mode and incorporate those into campaign set-pieces. "If we can deliver on that, while telling you great story where you don't care about anything except finding out what comes next - I'd want that," Gustavsson said.

Battlefield 4's announcement on single-player comes as the studio released a whopping 17-minute video showcasing campaign gameplay. You can watch it below - it features a number of shootouts and a vehicle segment taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan. Sea combat was also teased in a previous, leaked trailer for the game - but this doesn't feature here.



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