PS4 Priced at 499 Says UK Retail

Price already slashed by 100

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PS4 Priced at £499 Says UK Retail
While not even Sony revealed pricing for the PS4 at its announcement in New York city last night, it seems that at least one retailer has the low-down and is already discounting the console by 100 in pre-order.

We - like everybody else - have already speculated on price, based on the capital currents flowing around the console. But we're not trying to sell you one. While is offering pre-orders with a 20 deposit, one other UK retailer is going that one step further...

Upping the ante on GAME's offer, online seller Shopto has the unit priced at 499.99 and already (as you can see from the screen) discounted by 100+ to 399.85. Amazing stuff given that Sony's not yet stated RRP.

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MRXBOX n VAN BC 22 Feb 2013 11:03
Wow, at least they didn't pull a NINTENDO . A Nintendo is what i now call huge MISTAKES THAT LEAVE U BANKRUPT . I can't wait till XBOX Market place has all the Old games when then buy there BANKRUPT Butts . The same could happen with SONY but less likely . Lets face it 1 DAY PEOPLE MIGHT BE ABLE TO PLAY GAMES ON THEIR PHONES . When that day happens u will be getting a free VITA or DS GAMEBOY with the purchase of there System . THE NETFILX 720 and all the Crap Sony are doing , well its S**T !!! 60 buc games i can take with me . WHO CARES ??? I WANT NO CHEATTING , NO LAG and WHY WOULD I EVER TAKE MY EYES OFF MY BIG SCREEN to look at MY SECOND SCREEN . TO DIE MAYBE !!!! PLEASE NO MORE GIMMICKS and MORE VOTING OUT THE CHEATERS .
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