Next PlayStation Could Support Cross-Platform Connectivity

Hook up more than just PS Vita?

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Next PlayStation Could Support Cross-Platform Connectivity
Sony might be looking to more than just its PS Vita when it comes to device connectivity with its next PlayStation console. A new report suggests that the PS4 will support cross-platform interactivity - meaning smartphones could also be hooked up.

The obvious bet would be that Sony is looking to forge more interactivity with PlayStation Mobile certified devices (such as its brand of Xperia smartphones) and PS Vita handhelds, but there's the potential for something along the lines of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Smartglass application, which is (mobile) platform agnostic.

Wall Street Journal's report cites "people familiar with Sony's plans" as sources for this story, alongside other tidbits of info that have already been passed around the internet - the implementation of Gaikai, and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sony is expected to formally unveil its next PlayStation console at an event in New York tomorrow night.

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