PlayStation 4 Could Retail at 300

So aggressive.

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PlayStation 4 Could Retail at £300
How much are you willing to pay for next-gen? If this morning's newspaper reports are to be believed, it seems that Sony might well be learning from its PS3 launch pricing mistakes - the company is apparently considering an initial store price of around 300 for the next PlayStation.

The Times (via Eurogamer) has the story, in which it cites "industry sources and leaked internal documents" that suggest a more aggressive strategy by Sony. In the UK, the PlayStation 3 launched at 425.

Technology writer Murad Ahmed also clarified that the 300 price point reported was not a result of yen conversion and refers to "local UK pricing."

If true, it could mean that Sony is planning for an extremely aggressive comeback. The company is expected to reveal its next console at an event in New York tomorrow night, but it's likely that pricing won't be confirmed until later in the year.


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