Crytek: We've Made Crysis 3 on PC Future-Proof

It will "definitely" melt PCs.

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Crytek: We've Made Crysis 3 on PC Future-Proof
Crytek is pretty confident that it has achieved its goal of "melting PCs" with Crysis 3. In an interview with SPOnG, the game's producer Mike Read said that PC performance claims made by CEO Cevat Yerli last year will ring true, while also ensuring the game is ready for future hardware advancements.

After explaining that Crysis 2 was the studio's first foray into console development, Read spoke of the goals for the sequel, which launches later this month. "We knew how to approach consoles and build on that hardware from the ground up.

"But we also wanted to look on the flip-side of that - hardware has accelerated so much in the last seven years, since the launch of the PS3 and Xbox 360, so what can we do to really push that? That was how we worked for the PC version," he told SPOnG.

"At a certain stage, we separated out between console and computer, understanding what we had maxed out on consoles and where we could further push the PC. We also wanted to make the PC version future proof, so that we could take advantage of future hardware too."

On Yerli's 'melting PCs' comment, which was made during Gamescom last year, Read said, "I think weve kept to that. Ever since the Alpha came out and people got their hands on it, weve had all the big tech geeks plotting to see if it lives up to that expectation. And its definitely going to do that."

Read the full interview right here.

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ghoti 11 Feb 2013 12:53
I like how the discuss it as though it's an achievement to write code that needs more powerful hardware than currently exists.
DuckDuckGo 11 Feb 2013 13:02
If the graphical/physics realism is incredible, and this sets a target for hardware manufacturers to aim for, then it'll push things forward. Win for gamers ... but not their bank accounts.
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