Crytek Denies it's Going Bust

Crysis maker absolutely denies it's in financial trouble

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Crytek Denies it's Going Bust
German news outlet, Gamestar, is reporting that Crysis maker, Crytek, is facing bankruptcy; a charge firmly denied by the company itself.

The report also states that, "development of Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome had been a "disaster".

"'The vultures are circling already,' so says a leading employee of one of the large publishers. Companies like this have already started making offers to the most talented people at Crytek, to hire them away. Such a brain drain can become dangerous for any studio, even a financially stable one", says the translation as supplied by Eurogamer in Germany. It continues:

"A takeover of Crytek would be interesting for a company, that could use the development-experience of the Crytek and doesn't want to build up such experience itself. That is why the Belarus F2P-giant Wargaming is rumoured to be a potential buyer.

"When you are reading this, there is hope that Crytek has managed to avoid disaster. A new source of money, said Avni Yerli [one of the managing directors], is in sight. When we called him in early June, the contract had not yet been signed, but will be in a short while. 'Not all is good. Our transition to become a F2P-studio had been painful. But all that is now behind us.'"

Crytek states: "We continue to focus on the development and publishing of our upcoming titles Homefront: The Revolution, Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, Arena of Fate, and Warface, as well as providing ongoing support for our CryEngine and its licensees.

"We have received a lot of positive feedback during and after E3 from both gaming press and gamers, and would like to thank our loyal employees, fans and business partners for their continuous support."

Source: GameStar via Eurogamer


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