Double Fine: Kickstarter Means Having No One to Answer To

On the Joys of Having no Milestones

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Double Fine: Kickstarter Means Having No One to Answer To
Sure, we get that when all is said and done Kickstarting a video game project rather than going on hands and knees to a publisher to have your creative dream eviscerated and blanded to the point where it can be sold anywhere is, well, Communism. But surely you still have your backers to answer to?

Nope. Well, not if your backers love you as much as Tim Schafer's Double Fine. Here's what Greg Rice, the lead producer of the thoroughly kickstarted Double Fine Adventure has to say about the process.

“With a publisher, you have a very strict and rigid milestone schedule, where you have to be delivering builds of the game around every month that meet certain criteria.

“Since we don’t have a strict milestone schedule for this project, we’ve been able to kind of adapt to the situation. If we decide something is actually more important now than we thought it was six months ago, we’re able to change course a little bit and tackle it in whatever way we think makes the most sense at the time. That’s definitely been freeing, not to have to answer to anybody else.”

Awesome. And yes, we know it's not really Communism... yet.

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ghoti 30 Jan 2013 16:47
"But surely you still have your backers to answer to?"

Yes, but only ethically. With publishers, you tend to have a legal obligation to stick to your contract with them.
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