Virtual Console Saves on Wii Not Playable on WiiU

Well gosh darn it to heck, you'll have to start again from scratch

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Virtual Console Saves on Wii Not Playable on WiiU
Nintendo has broken the hearts of brittle hearted Wii and Wii U owners the world over with the news that the latter won't play the Virtual Console (aka 'Classic' aka 'Old') games played on the former.

That's correct, if you've bought a VC game on the Wii and then rebought it on the Wii U, it's a one way ticket to start from scratch city for you. This all became horribly clear this week, like so:

Basically Nintendo told Kotaku, "you can't transfer your save files using option #2. If you re-buy your VC games for the Wii U's interface, you'll be starting from scratch there."

Shame!? Or not? Tell us in the Forum.

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