Cops Raid Call of Duty House in Murder Mishap

Swedish police come a cropper on teen bust

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Cops Raid Call of Duty House in Murder Mishap
Police in Stockholm, Sweden, are red faced this week having gone into a local apartment block in an attempt to, we assume, save a person or persons from being murdered with gunfire... massive gunfire, the kind of gunfire you'd hear in a war zone... or a video game.

Sadly for the officers of the law, the latter case was what met them after they'd been alerted to an ongoing gun-based situation complete with a victim screaming, "Help! Help!"

UPI reports that some teens had been playing and unspecified version of CoD. One of the teen's in-game characters as killed, leading to the kid laying on the floor, "screaming "help, help, help!".

Apparently, "Passersby heard the game and thought it was real and called police. A 10-person police unit was dispatched to the apartment and carried out a raid there, forcing the boys outside."

Source: UPI

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