Wii U Virtual Console Coming in Spring

Discounted prices for those who own games on Wii.

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Wii U Virtual Console Coming in Spring
The Wii U Virtual Console is coming - and it's bringing GamePad support, save states and a bunch of Miiverse Communities with it. The service will launch after Nintendo releases its Spring system update.

A small selection of NES and SNES games will be made available to purchase when the service arrives. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed that the Wii's extensive Virtual Console library will not be made available immediately for Wii U.

Game Boy Advance games will be added to the service at a later date, the first time that Nintendo has offered the platform's titles on any Virtual Console service (bar the 3DS Ambassador program).

On Wii U, NES games will cost 3.49 each. SNES games will set you back 5.49. However, if you already own a title on the Wii's Virtual Console service, you can upgrade to a Wii U version for a discounted price. The discounted price is 0.99 for NES games and 1.49 for SNES games.


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