NRA, After Bashing 'Violent Media', Launches iOS Practice Range Game

Oh, the irony.

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NRA, After Bashing 'Violent Media', Launches iOS Practice Range Game
The National Rifle Association has blamed violent video games - you know, the ones where you shoot guns - for the recent Sandy Hook tragedy. Which was hilarious enough. But the organisation has outdone itself today because it has released an "educational" FPS on Apple devices targeted at ages 4 and up.

Called NRA: Practice Range, players are given virtual replications of real guns to play around with, as they are educated on the practice of firearm safety and training. In-app purchases include a Colt pistol and MK11 sniper rifle, as you aim to hit inanimate objects in a given time limit.

Rolling news and updates are also played in the app, including gun legislation and state laws on gun usage.

It's available on the Apple iOS App Store for free.

The game, of course, puts at least one wing of the Games industry in an interesting position given it refuses to engage with the debate on gun control, instead stating that video games do not affect behaviour:

This group can have no objection to an organisation as nasty as the NRA producing a gun training game.

Even worse, it enables the NRA to claim that it is being consistent in that it believes that games do affect behaviour and training kids from a young age to handle guns results in safer gun use. Ergo: a gun training game.

We've had some thoughts on this....


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