Tesco, GAME Show Retail Support for Steam Box and Project Shield

Encouraging signs for new players in console market.

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Tesco, GAME Show Retail Support for Steam Box and Project Shield
Valve and Nvidia might have a fight on their hands to market their new consoles, according to Phil Harrison, but according to a new report it seems that UK retailers are more than happy to stock the upcoming Steam Box and Project Shield in their stores.

Tesco has a games boss. His name is Nick Cook, and he told MCV that, "The gaming market has evolved slowly across the traditional platforms and very quickly on PC, phones and tablets and into the cloud; at Tesco we’re looking at all these new consoles as ways for us to deliver a wider gaming offer for our customers.

"To have more options available to inject some much needed interest, hype and sales back into our industry is a great benefit."

GAME's category director Charlotte Knight was a lot more wooly on the subject - saying a lot without saying much at all. But, she did state that in addition to new consoles from Microsoft and Sony "there are a number of interesting Kickstarter projects on the horizon and now we have some exciting news from CES. Whatever developments take place, GAME will be working with our supplier partners to deliver excellence and value for the UK's gaming community."

So technically, some of that arduous marketing battle has already been won. And Valve and Nvidia didn't even have to lift a finger. Let's see if the same can be said for the word-of-mouth hype that is currently spreading about the two platforms...


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