Bushnell 'Baffled' by Wii U - "I Don't Think It's Going to Be a Success"

Atari founder thinks Nintendo's console signals the end of consoles.

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Bushnell 'Baffled' by Wii U - "I Don't Think It's Going to Be a Success"
When you're reporting on the launch of a computer game console, the last person you're going to expect to heap praise on it is a man who used to build competing products. And sure enough, legendary Atari founder Nolan Bushnell didn't have many kind words to say to the New York Times about the Wii U.

"I actually am baffled by it," he said. "I don't think it's going to be a big success. These things will continue to sputter along, but I really don't think they'll be of major import ever again."

Bushnell, credited for popularising computer games in the massmarket, added that he feels that the Wii U represents "the end of an era to me," signalling the end of the home console industry.

Bear in mind that Bushnell does have something of an axe to grind, however. Last year, he said "I don't believe that there will be another major console," before adding that Nintendo's Wii is "pretty crappy." But in 2009, he told Kikizo that he was "a big believer in the Wii." Bit of a flip-flop if we ever saw one.

Nintendo has also proven to surprise detractors by launching wildly successful products in the Wii and DS. Nintendo expects to shift 5.5 million Wii Us before April 2013.


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