HMV Secures Extra Stock for Wii U Launch Night

Freebies for first 500 people in line.

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HMV Secures Extra Stock for Wii U Launch Night
HMV has announced that it will be the official Wii U launch venue for the UK, with its flagship Oxford Street store playing host to a boatload of consoles (and freebies) for fans to buy (and win). In particular, the retailer has said that it has secured extra stock so that those queuing up won't miss out on the chance to buy Nintendo's latest.

"With much of the UKs stock of Wii U consoles in high demand through pre orders, hmv have channeled extra stock into its flagship store so that customers will be able to purchase their Wii U on the night," reads a press release sent to SPOnG.

There will be prizes on the night too. The first 100 customers queuing for a console will get themselves a free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U as well as a second free game out of a limited selection. The next 100 people will get a 5 gift voucher to use on Wii U items on the night. 500 people will also be getting a goody bag. So much love!

A range of demo pods are set to feature in store, including those for ZombiU and Nintendo Land.

Still no word on whether we'll see Reggie Fils-Aime attend. We want Reggie! Our body is Reggie! Etc! The festivities kick off at 11pm on Thursday November 29. Who's queuing up?


Denver 30 Nov 2012 01:17
That's raelly thinking out of the box. Thanks!
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