Sony Celebrates 70m PlayStation 3 Consoles Shipped

Not sold to gamers, but to retail - but catching up with Microsoft.

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Sony Celebrates 70m PlayStation 3 Consoles Shipped
Take a bow, PlayStation 3 - Sony has declared that 70 million of you have now been shipped worldwide. What? What do you mean, "I'm not the only one?" Didn't you know you got cloned way back in 2007? Oh, geez...

The news follows that of last month's announcement that the UK hit a sales milestone of 5 million for the platform. The 70m shipped number was dinged back on November 4, according to MCV, which also notes that over 15 million units of PlayStation Move peripherals have also been shipped to stores.

It's not quite caught up with the Xbox 360, though - Microsoft's console sold 70 million units back in September. But note that by 'sold', we're talking about a value that somewhat matters - consoles purchased by gamers. In contrast, Sony's figure only addresses PS3s that have been sold over to retailers.

It might be a matter of time before Sony truly gets neck-and-neck with Microsoft, though - and we reckon it might happen just in time to see the end of this current generation of high-definition consoles. Making it all worth it. We suppose.


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