Blizzard: Class Action Lawsuit Full of "Patently False Information"

It's not having any of it.

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Blizzard: Class Action Lawsuit Full of "Patently False Information"
Last week, Blizzard was hit with a class action lawsuit from disgruntled players who claimed that the World of Warcraft developer has failed to effectively secure user information, and instead focused on selling Authenticator software. Today, Blizzard has hit right back, stating that the claims are "without merit and filled with patently false information."

Yikes. The studio told GamesIndustry that it intends to "vigorously defend ourselves through the appropriate legal channels." It doesn't like the implication that it has been foolhardy with customers' details, no siree. "The suit's claim that we didn't properly notify players regarding the August 2012 security breach is not true," reads a statement.

"Not only did Blizzard act quickly to provide information to the public about the situation, we explained the actions we were taking and let players know how the incident affected them, including the fact that no names, credit card numbers, or other sensitive financial information was disclosed. You can read our letter to players and a comprehensive FAQ related to the situation on our website."

Read the rest of the statement on GI.


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