GTA V - the Three Main Characters Described + New Shots

Tinker, Tailor, Pyscho Criminal ... GTA V goes in new directions

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One thing has definitely changed in the Grand Theft Auto world... Dan Houser seems to be talking to more people much earlier in the lead up to the launch. This week he's even taken time out to detail the three protagonists in GTA V.

Yes, we said "three protagonists. And yes, the co-creator of the series that gets nearly as much attention as a James Bond movie from the mainstream media has put more flesh on the bones of the new game. The main characters are: Michael - retired criminal who misses the old days. Franklin - a Repo Man working for Armenian gangsters. Trevor - a psycho and criminal. Dan Houser outlines the guys as follows:

Micheal is an "older guy who's still tough, but he's retired. That's a great way to start a game at the end. That seemed fresh."

Houser says, that "in some ways, I suppose, Franklin is most like your traditional GTA protagonist." He is also "the guy on the up, contrasting with the guy on the down one could mentor the other."

Houser describes the fact that the idea for Trevor came, "out of nowhere". He says that Trevor, "is the guy who does everything awful, relentlessly! He has his own charm, but he he's a relentless maker of mischief. Not without some principles though, but totally different principles to Michael an exact opposite take on what it means to be a protagonist in a GTA world. Michael is more about ego and Trevor is more about id, I suppose".

According to The Guardian, "This (combination of three characters) provides an interesting gameplay dynamic, but it is also about story. Instead of telling one tale which heightens toward a single dramatic finale, GTA V cuts between these three interlocking narratives, drawing parallels and distinctions between the men. And instead of one set-piece conclusion, the game is structured around a series of five or six mega-heists which take place throughout the game, and which other missions lead up to. The idea is to get gamers into big set-piece thrill-fests like GTA IV's Three Leaf Clover much more quickly."

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