Sony Gaming Chief Must Now Take on Music and Other Media Matters

Sony's gaming focus becoming diluted with executive movement

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Sony Gaming Chief Must Now Take on Music and Other Media Matters
In September 2011, Englishman Andrew House became President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCEI). He had been President, CEO and Co-COO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE). A big step up for Andrew. Well, now he's moved again.

This is because Tim Schaaff, the current president of Sony Entertainment Network, is to step down as 2012 grinds to a welcome close for Sony. According to the FT, Mr House will fill the role.

The FT points out that, "Schaaff was headhunted from Apple as Sony attempted to emulate their success in the areas of online music and video distribution, and has been with Sony for seven years – he’ll still be an outside director, but House will take over his daily duties."

House will not leave his Sony gaming duties behind however, "but will cover both roles as Sony attempts to meld together the PlayStation gaming brand with the selling of other media content."

A possible lack of focus one core games content from Sony? Or yet another sign of corporate belt-tightning and media merging?

Source: Financial Times


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