Live Stream Your Own Death Again and Again with Black Ops II New Youtube Feature

For God's sakes just leave those n00bs alone!!!!!

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Live Stream Your Own Death Again and Again with Black Ops II New Youtube Feature
Those clever folks over at Activision and Google have realised that come November 13th when no one is doing anything other than playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II, millions of people will want to stream themselves doing nothing other than pwning or being pwned. And that it what Youtube is for.

Yes indeedy, along with the new title in the 'franchise' that is Call of Duty will be the ability to stream your death and the deaths of your friends live (as it were) to Youtube without you having the burden of paying a single penny for providing that morbid content. Awesome.

According to the official word:

"The first of its kind innovation coming from Activision and the game's developer, award-winning studio Treyarch, will allow players to live stream Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer League Play games, as well as the player's webcam and audio commentary while playing.Call of Duty Elite takes the live streaming experience even further, letting viewers on Elite see the player card of the user that is streaming. With just a couple clicks, viewers can dig deeper to see such information as class loadouts, recent match data, as well as career stats across supported Call of Duty games on Elite."

Awesomes... more info from the source at Activision

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