Xbox LIVE Users Vote Romney in Debate 1 - Switch to Obama for Debate 2

Undecided voters... are... undecided says Microsoft

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The second presidential debate took place last night and, being all democracy minded, Microsoft got Xbox Live users to vote as they watched the popularity contest between upcomer and Republican Party candidate Mitt - The Money - Romney and in-place President and Democrat love-bag, Barack 'not Osama' Obama.

Apparently, "More than 100,000 members of Microsoft’s Xbox Live online community for the Xbox 360 tuned into the presidential debate via their game consoles. And based on 2 million real-time responses to 70 polling questions, Barack Obama won the second debate."

That's according to Venturebeat, which actually references the earlier debate for its actual source.

We read that directly from Microsoft, it reads, "Romney was a winner of the first presidential debate with the Xbox LIVE audience. The platform asked 10 questions during the debate to gauge who won exchanges or segments, and found that “undecideds” broke for Romney while Obama consistently lost support from his base."

Other interesting 'facts' to emerge from this Xbox Live Election Experience include: "88% of the respondents were likely voters and 69% engaged to the point of not only voting, but responding that they will definitely talk to their social network about their position on the election."

All in all, for the several million Xbox LIVE users there are in the USA (the only country eligible to participate) "The platform has approximately 10,000 users responding to the daily polls, and participation in this event far exceeded this number."

So, let's look at the breakdown of voters who do use Xbox LIVE. According to Microsoft's own "Demographic Snapshot" and using: 1,678 Xbox 360 owners with a household Xbox LIVE Membership conducted June 19 – July 3, 2012."

• 66% male, 34% female
• 80% 18-44
• 51% married, 31% single
• 48% with kids (average: 1.9)
• 59% have a college education
• 81% are employed
• 43% make at least $75,000 per year
• 77% white, 18% non-white
• 42% Independent
• 29% Republican
• 25% Democrat
• 54% moderate

Fascinating stuff... straight from here.

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