Square Enix Spinning Agent 47 Actor Story

David Bateson *will* play Agent 47 in Hitman Absolution after all

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Square Enix Spinning Agent 47 Actor Story
What a lot of excitement there is for November 20th when Hitman: Absolution comes out all fresh and ready to buy... and then play. But it won't be Hitman: Absolution without David Bateson playing Agent 47.

Square has already said that, "While Bateson's (about a Hitman game in 2010) comments are flattering, they are a surprise - we are currently not working on projects with him." So it's a bit of a bloody surprise that he will be playing the lead after all.

Square and IO Interactive have confirmed that, "After a long search IO Interactive are pleased to unveil that the voice of Agent 47 will once again be acted by David Bateson who has been the voice of Hitman since the year 2000 with the seminal PC release Codename 47."

Eh? Well "Brand Director" (crazy title) Jon Brooke put in the spin with, “IO and Bateson have been bed fellows for over a decade and like all long running relationships sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Looking back I think we were just playing hard to get.”

OK, fair play, it maybe positive spin but it's as honest as you get, and quite amusing.

But there is more... "Alongside Bateson, William Mapother (star of hit TV series LOST) has performed the motion capture work for Agent 47 which was recorded at Giant Studios."

Bateson and Mapother join Marsha Thomason, Keith Carradine, Vivica Fox, Shannyn Sossamon and Powers Boothe as voice actors in the title.

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