Iwata - Nintendo 3DSXL Not Selling at a Loss

The Nintendo 3DS was though...

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Iwata - Nintendo 3DSXL Not Selling at a Loss
In what looks like quite a hastily translated interview Nintendo president Saturo Iwata has been talking about the, sigh, "rollercoaster year for Nintendo". He's been defending the first financial loss in the company's recent history, and he's been talking pricing.

First up, he explains to The Independent, about some of the reasons for the loss. Specifically he says this about pricing and the 3DS:

"...when we launched the Nintendo 3DS last year it lost momentum after launch, so we had to take measures and cut the price in order to avoid a failure toward the end of the year, which meant we were selling Nintendo 3DS units at a loss; these two problems we will solve this year."

So, how will this play out for the 3DSXL and more importantly the Wii U?

"First of all to the 3DS XL, we will not be selling this at a loss, we donít have a huge profit margin on it we intend to sell it a profit. As for Wii U we having even announced price so itís too early for me to comment," as we say, a bit hasty in the translation, but the point is made.



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