Halo 4 Screens Leaked

343 Industries claim it's the "best looking game on Xbox"

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Halo 4 screenshots have been leaked this morning, ahead of an expected announcement from Microsoft and 343 Industries on Master Chief's latest space adventure.

Whilst the two snaps don't really give much away, it is as an example of the fantastic graphical work that has gone into Master Chief and his brand spanking new armour, at the very least. He's still holding that classic Battle Rifle though. It's served him well this far, we suppose - it makes sense to keep it.

On Twitter, the game's engine programmer Corrinne Yu said that Halo 4 is "the best looking game on Xbox and any other consoles we ever made and we're all from AAA studios." That's quite the outstanding claim.

Take a look at the leaked screens and see what you think.

Source: Gamerlive.tv (via NeoGAF)

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