Xbox Live's Stephen Toulouse Resigns from Microsoft

Seeking other opportunities in "positive" departure.

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Xbox Live's Stephen Toulouse Resigns from Microsoft
Xbox Live's Director of Policy and Enforcement, Stephen Toulouse, has called it a day at Microsoft. The exec has announced the decision to leave the company on his personal blog, citing a desire to explore other opportunities.

"Over the past year Iíve been doing quite of bit of thinking. Nothing specific, nothing groundbreaking. Just plain old thinking," Toulouse wrote. "I turn 40 this year. Despite the wonderful ability in Microsoft to change careers pretty dramatically inside the company, Iíve been there nearly 18 years and itís the only world Iíve really ever known. I feel too strangely comfortable, and too strangely tied."

Stephen's last day will be on the 15th February, after which he will focus on book writing and working on a freelance basis. But he is clear to stress that the resignation is not a result of negative feeling at Microsoft.

"For anyone wondering, I want to make sure I am clear: This is a positive thing. I have nothing but confidence in the future of Microsoft and specifically Xbox and Xbox LIVE. I have enormous gratitude for my time there. I want to finish my next book, and explore other opportunities."

We wish Stephen all the best in his future endeavours.


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