Sony Shares What It Learned from Japan Vita Launch

Apparently, it was designed by the Walkman Designer. Plus, what you get in the box.

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Sony Shares What It Learned from Japan Vita Launch
Sony has posted an article about what it learned from the PlayStation Vita launch. Included in there is a pic of what you get in the box - so we've included that here.

First up, look at the picture and then bear in mind that, “Bear in mind that this is a Japanese model and the actual contents may vary, such as the North American model also including six AR Play Cards.”

Next up, Mr. Takashi Sogabe of the Sony Corporate Design Centre, “the team responsible for the look and feel of PlayStation Vita” , has been making stuff for Sony for 27 years, “and designed the original Walkman.”

We’re not quite sure how this was learnt at the launch, but what the hey, it’s a useful piece of triv for the pub.

Mr Sogabe, “revealed that the team went through various designs, including one with a sliding back like PSPgo and a clamshell, before settling on the final model after discussion with developers.

“He also said that he originally wanted the exterior to be entirely metallic but that proved impossible due to the antennae required for the Wi-Fi and 3G connections.”

Source: Sony


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