Dragon Quest X To Be Bigger and Better Than Anything Ever

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Dragon Quest X To Be Bigger and Better Than Anything Ever
Square Enix has revealed a fair bit of new information about the new Dragon Quest title and it seems like some hardcore fans of the series are not too happy with the direction their beloved franchise is heading.

During a live stream last night, series creator Yuji Horii spoke about the new approach for "Dragon Quest X Online: Rise of the Five Tribes". The main thrust is that this will be the first title in the series to go down the MMO path. It's also coming out for both Wii and Wii-U. Whether they'll be cross-compatible is as yet unknown, but what we've seen so far looks pretty swish.

Taking a graphical lead from the PS2 release, DQVIII, it'll certainly be no problem for the Wii's creaky system to handle, but what about the online play?

It's been done before with Monster Hunter, but the Dragon Quest series is an awful lot bigger so perfection will be paramount. The development team, led by Nier creator Yosuke Saito, will have to make sure that there are no problems at all before the release which is scheduled for "sometime" in 2012.

The stream had no mention of what extras the Wii-U version of the game will provide, but we can assume the enhancements will be along the lines of instant access to inventory and maps via the second screen on the controller.

DQ's focus on fitting your characters out with the best gear for an exact moment is important, after all. There was also mention of non-human characters being available for the first time with players getting the chance to create orcs and elves. Also spoken about was the heavy emphasis on teamwork that DQX will demand as players will have to team up to defeat huge beasties throughout the game.

As usual, taking a franchise in a new direction means that some long-time fans are up in arms, but Square Enix really played it close to its chest. More information should be available from the Tokyo Games Show later this month. As soon as we know more, we'll have it here on SPOnG.

Source: Dragon Quest X Official Site


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