Sony to Invest $6.66 Million for PSN Game Devs Over Three Years

Indie developers could benefit big time

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Sony to Invest $6.66 Million for PSN Game Devs Over Three Years
Brandon Stander is Director of Marketing, PlayStation Network and he's the man who has just announced that SCEA will be spending $20m over three years on development of PSN-exclusive game.

Says Mr Stander, "We continually strive to make PlayStation Network the most innovative console game and entertainment service and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce a three-year, $20 million dollar investment plan to develop PSN exclusive games.

So, what does that mean as a gamer? Well, Mr S answers this for you, "It means more unique, fun, innovative, edgy and higher quality game experiences on PSN that you won’t find anywhere else!"

He's in marketing, he's allowed to say "Edgy" with a straight face. He continues, "We are excited for the upcoming PSN exclusive titles that are part of this three-year plan, including Eufloria, Okabu, and Papo & Yo..."

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