Sir, You are a cad and a Bounder and I Challenge you to a Duel

'Cryo Interactive, j'accuse!' say Sony.

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Sir, You are a cad and a Bounder and I Challenge you to a Duel
Cryo Interactive has come in for some criticism regarding the content of their upcoming PC and PS2 release, The Shadow of Zorro. Sony Pictures’ sequel to the 1998 hit movie The Mask of Zorro is due in Summer 2002, but it seems the film company are unhappy with publisher Cryo and developer In Utero regarding their integration of key parts of the sequel’s plot. Indeed, Sony has accused Cryo of plagiarism.

The game's creators state their plot was based on the original story and not stolen from anywhere. They deny all knowledge a sequel was even in the pipeline. 'Firstly, the game comes out this Christmas, the film sequel isn't out till summer 2002, so we don't see any problem. Secondly, it's absurd to believe someone working on the game got their hands on a screenplay that's not even really ready yet.' said the company's UK PR spokesperson. Fair comment.

The result of Cryo’s sixth sense-inspired, psychic-powered swashbuckling spectacular can be seen from November 23 on PC and December 7 on PS2.


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