GAME Shuts 43 Stores in UK

Gamestation and Game shops shuts

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GAME Shuts 43 Stores in UK
The GAME group - owners of UK video game retailers Game and Gamestation - has announced that it will be closing 43 of its outlets, including all of its Debenhams store concessions, leading to 243 staff lay-offs.

In a statement released to the press, the company states:

“We regularly review our entire store portfolio, including our concessions, to maximise the opportunities to reach customers while also ensuring that the business is running as effectively as possible.

“As a result of this review process, and the tougher market conditions that we face in 2010, we have announced our intention to close 12 Game stores, 6 Gamestation stores, and all 25 of our concessions in Debenhams stores. In each location, we have detailed plans to support the customers and employees.

“The majority of the identified sites are located close to another one of our stores, and we will help each customer affected by a closure to transfer to their nearest store as well as our online offerings.

“We will provide extensive support to the teams in each store. However, with deep regret, we have had to offer redundancy to 247 employees. We will do our utmost to redeploy roles if possible, and have started consulting with all affected employees in the 43 sites.

“We are very focused on supporting our people, and thank them for their continued hard work and understanding.”

This harsh news for UK game retail follows the hit to GameStop in the USA with the departure of its second CFO in six months and a drop in its share price.

More news on exactly which stores will be closing when we get it.


rmorcos 26 Feb 2010 08:53
Sucks for the people losing their jobs, but is it a surprise? The prices that Game charge are totally uncompetitive, e.g. 37.99 for a 2nd hand Assassins Creed? Even the trade ins you get aren't that great. If they charged a lower price per unit, they may be a little more competitive, but what do I know......
Psalms 26 Feb 2010 10:35
Since GAME started draining the life out of GameStation, there's been no real incentive to shop in the high street. Their new prices are nowhere near online prices, their trade in prices rarely compete with CEX, etc, their wonderful selection of geek novelties and retro games has become more and more limited and their staff have (generally) become less friendly and knowledgeable.

If they wan't to encourage people into a store, they should make it a fun place to be and a celebration of gaming, not just live of the odd desperate, confused parent and marking up the next 'must-have' launch title.
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Roger Moore 26 Feb 2010 19:06
The bubble economy that has permeated the UK for the last 20 years is dying away BIG TIME !!
Tone 27 Feb 2010 13:25
Well not really a suprise as such, i am surprised they lasted this long. GAME charge stupid prices for their games and the trade in value is not that great either. the only reason i would buy a game from GAME is that i really wanted it and it had sold out everywhere. My local Gamestation is ok really, the staff in tehre are nice and the prices aren't too bad but still thse retailers aren't offering a fair deal to their customers when competing with places such as, and other sites, even Morrisons charges less for games they have in stock (37.99 for MW2 compared to 43.99 at my local GAME) so hopefully this will get game to become more competitive or they can die a lonely death.....
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