Traveller's Tales: No Comment on LEGO Potter

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Traveller's Tales: No Comment on LEGO Potter
Traveller's Tales is refusing to comment on the apparent revelation made on the online CV of one of its animators that it is indeed working on LEGOs Harry Potter and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

SPOnG contacted the company for further news this afternoon following the publication of a phone conversation between TT animator and website, VG247.

Unsurprisingly, TT's office manager refused to comment. This is only to be expected given that the studio will be under a strict non-disclosure agreement with the rights holder and publisher.

What we can confirm is, despite rumours brought our attention this afternoon that the animator in question was no longer with the company, she has told SPOnG that this is not the case.

On the games news, back in December, Variety spoke of TT's development of LEGO Harry Potter (not to be confused with the existing LEGO Creator: Harry Potter. Given that Traveller's Tales is owned by Warner Bros... which owns the rights to Harry Potter and Indie, it was never really going to be a shock to see LEGO versions of both.


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