Interesting PlayStation Announcements Planned

First in a series of unveilings planned for Leipzig

Posted by Staff
Interesting PlayStation Announcements Planned
SPOnG caught up earlier this week with the good people of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for a quick chat about all things PlayStation and we are pleased to let you know that the frustrating post-E3 wait for proper information on our PlayStation future is just about to end, with the first in a series of major announcements being made this coming Monday from Leipzig.

We can assure you that this first unveiling will, shall we say, be something you are very unlikely to have foreseen, coming from way out of leftfield. Suffice to say it brought a smile to our face as we think it will do yours. Check in here first thing on Monday when we’ll be able to disclose the full details of this announcement, as well as picking up the first tasty news droppings from all the other publishers at Leipzig.

It would also seem that Sony has seriously taken on board the many criticisms targeted at the company following a poorly received E3 PlayStation 3 showing and done what it does best – gone into lockdown mode whilst its development and marketing teams get on with the serious, hard work of ensuring that both the PS3’s technical offering and the marketing message are both spot on for the looming 17th November launch.

Be here to first to get the latest news on all things PlayStation – including the ways in which SCEE is planning to communicate the PS3’s (much-maligned) pricing strategy and the advantages of Blu-ray to the masses of still-to-be-won-over consumers.

Plus, and most importantly, the games. SPOnG will have all the news and latest opinion from our guys on the ground regarding the PS3’s all-important launch line-up of games.

Oh, and what about the PS3’s online offering? Last we heard there was some bizarre idea to call it PooS (P-infinity-S). We're still not entirely sure if this wasn’t just a little joke Sony cooked up as a dig at Nintendo’s daftly named Wii console. Again, watch this space for full, detailed news on the future of PS3 online gaming as we get it.


dr_faulk 18 Aug 2006 15:59
I can't possibly imagine what it could be.
config 18 Aug 2006 16:09
PS3 will actually retail at 199 USD and the whole "expensive" line was a ruse to give the competitors a false sense of security?

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dr_faulk 18 Aug 2006 16:11
lol, "PS3 will have good games."
Joji 18 Aug 2006 17:40
My bet is for:

'Each PS3 will come with a license to download PSone games for nothing, then transfer them to your PSP'

'Both PS3 versions to have HDMI.'

'Online service is free'

Hey, we can dream.
odinfire 18 Aug 2006 17:49
I guess now we will find out what other ideas Sony has stolen from Nintendo.

Perhaps a new game like "The Legend of Crash: Twilight Bandicoot" will be announced.


Perhaps Sony is adding a speaker to their controller. Keep in mind this was planned all along.


Better yet, Sony will announce compatibility with ALL previous Nintendo software up to and including the Gamecube.

Get ready...

Its coming...

Sony originality at its best!
crs117 18 Aug 2006 18:52
All i can see sony doing is pumping out more pr BS that is mostly fluff. Until i see sony deliver on any aspect of the ps3 i wont believe any of this crap.
vault 13 18 Aug 2006 21:57
crs117 wrote:
All i can see sony doing is pumping out more pr BS that is mostly fluff. Until i see sony deliver on any aspect of the ps3 i wont believe any of this crap.

It's not even out yet! They haven't let you down at all my friend. Shut yer piehole and get off the Sony bashing bandwagon. I'd be nice to see some people actually give a thumbs up and support the damn thing.

I suppose there was this much pessimism when the 360 was on the chopping block. But I was still excited for it. Even though it did flop on a few fronts.
OptimusP 19 Aug 2006 10:02
I concur! Consoles need 2 years to really shine their full potential out...let's give them those 2 years before bashing them to pieces.

So sony is bieng a bit...well a lot...arrogant these days, doesn't mean it will be a bad console. Just don't get your hopes up that the PS3 and Xbox360 get too many fresh-looking games like the Wii. There will be! (japanese teams are crazy enough to make it work) thing is...try stopping a Nintendo that's on a innovation roll...

Damn this addiction to Orchestra, WarioWareWii and WiiSports i got! clouds my judgement...
Arthur Storey 20 Aug 2006 16:24
hoping your coverage from Leipzig is more consistent thatn last year when in the end, it was none existent. PS3 IS VERY IMPORTANT to me and i hope you candeliver this year

Leipzig spelt with a p in the center, not a b.
RiseFromYourGrave 20 Aug 2006 21:29
im sure we ps3 bashers will stop when they stop feeding us ammunition

no-ones going to start singing the praises of the thing emphatically without real reason are they?
Everblue 21 Aug 2006 09:32
Well its been Monday morning for more than a few hours. Where's the friggin' "OMFG LEFTFIELD FRIGGIN NEWS"?

Or it was all bull, like usual?
Svend Joscelyne 21 Aug 2006 11:05
Arthur Storey wrote:
hoping your coverage from Leipzig is more consistent thatn last year when in the end, it was none existent. PS3 IS VERY IMPORTANT to me and i hope you candeliver this year

To be fair, it's all about whether Sony can deliver this year rather than SPOnG. After all, we're not the deciding factor on whether the PS3's gonna be a success or stumble arse over tit.
acklome 21 Aug 2006 11:30
No, but you can decide whether to hype these announcements as PS3 announcements or not. Which you did.

Here's the rest of the "major announcements" for the week:

"PSP GOES P!NK - In a Unique Collaboration with the Artist P!nk" Dated for today

"Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Announces New Price for PlayStation 2" Dated for Wednesday

Now, you go and report on these and figure out how these warrant an article like the one posted here, with the implied connection to PS3.
Bentley 21 Aug 2006 21:09

That one piece of info would personally make me 100000& committed to Sony.

Otherwise, I - ulp! - nearly bought a 360 this weekend. Until I played one, anyway.

C'mon Sony, you KNOW you want to friggin' rumble.
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