Sony PooS on competition, Apparently

It's an infinity sign. No, really.

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Sony PooS on competition, Apparently
Not happy with all the amazing press coverage competitor Nintendo has accrued with the daft toilet-humour name for its forthcoming console, Sony it seems has gone one better and, according to German website Gamefront, registered the name ‘P oo S’

Now whilst this looks like poo, it actually stands for ‘P ∞ S’ - note the tiny infinity symbol looks like "oo". Still, we thought we’d be the first to get in with the "poo" gag before west coast America gets to work and comes up with a thousand other daft poo-related gags.

Knowing that our GCSE grade C German would one day come in handy, we can inform you that Gamefront reports: "Sony has patented 'P oo S', but we don't know what it is. Perhaps it's the name of the controller.” The site also says that oo is the symbol for infinity, which actually looks like this; ∞

If it does make use of the infinity sign, which is what the PS2 network has always had, then we suspect that it’s far more likely that this is the name for the PS3 online network, previously referred to at E3 last month as ‘PlayStation Network Platform’.

‘P ∞ S’ (or Poos as we are already affectionately referring to it, if only to avoid copy/pasting the symbol or typing "infinity") is a pretty clever name on a number of levels, should this rumour turn out to be true. It means that Sony keep the geek hardcore amused with the necessary toilet-humour, whilst at the same time managing to come up with a name that is arguably even worse than Xbox 360.

More news on Sony’s PooS, Nintendo’s Wii and whatever hilariously tangential toilet-related product name Microsoft comes up with in response as we get it.



rogueleader 29 Jun 2006 20:34
that is friking hilariouse. Now i can combat my friend when he insults the Wii
TigerUppercut 30 Jun 2006 04:41
rogueleader wrote:
that is friking hilariouse. Now i can combat my friend when he insults the Wii

The fact that the joke was the PlayStation 3 being renamed to Sony Puu after the Wii announcement actually came true makes a day having a tube poked up your nose all seem fine!

Edit. Should mention. Tube from doctor, not from narcotic problem.
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fluffstardx 30 Jun 2006 11:50
What's next? A Live/360 extension called spIT?
bidule 30 Jun 2006 15:41
.. and how do we must say? Poos? P oh S?..

Prout? :)
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