Miyamoto Sims-A-Like on the Cards?

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Nintendo execs respond to concerns of non-traditional game sales
Nintendo execs respond to concerns of non-traditional game sales
Nintendo has released a rather massive and largely uneventful staged interview with some of its key executives for the benefit of its English-speaking shareholders. You can pore through the entire thing here.

Through the rhetoric, some little gems are to be found. Iwata is asked what Miyamoto will be working on next. The Nintendo president answers, "Miyamoto, who made Pikmin when he was gardening and Nintendogs after owning a dog, will answer his hobby today," and laughs.

Miyamoto counters with, "I was a typical Japanese husband who has been neglecting family lives, but I am spending more time with my family now. I am now interested in how a family enjoys in one house, and that interest pretty much suits well with the concept of Wii hardware. In that sense, Wii will become a hardware which will satisfy my interests of the past 20 years or so, so that I am enjoying making software right now. Finally, I am doing something lately, but I think I need to refrain from talking about it today. Hopefully, I can tell you what it is in 6 months or so."

Through the translation, it's difficult to tell whether Miyamoto is referring to being at home with his loved ones and a Wii, or creating a game involving family life. Either way, brand new IP from his famed stable is confirmed, only good news for everyone with a love of videogames.

Other interesting points from the interview include Iwata's thoughts on the Internet, a longtime hurdle for Nintendo in the race for technological supremacy it sidelined with the advent of Wii. "When I am surfing on the net, I often see such terms as "Web2.0" lately and feel that the world of the Internet has entered into a new phase since last year. Looking at how video game companies are using Internet technologies, we have been wondering if it is the right approach to consistently use them just to compete against each gamer for 5 or 10 years. This is how we came to propose WiiConnect24, which will use the Internet for people to enjoy sharing information. I am yet to know what kind of revolutionary entertainment can be created with WiiConnect24, but we will not stop challenging these unprecedented things. You may feel that Nintendo has been doing things that it did not used to. You will be feeling the same way in the future as well. Whenever we sense that users' new needs must be there or there's got to be unique opportunity for us to surprise customers, we would always like to be an aggressive challenger."

Hit the interview above for the full transcript.



realvictory 21 Jun 2006 01:16
I would guess that, rather than working on a game about family life, he would be working on a game that involves families (as in, a whole family), which fits well with the concept of the Wii.

I hope so, too, and I can't wait to see it.
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