Miyamoto on StarFox Wii and Super Mario Galaxy

More words of wisdom from the videogaming god

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Speaking to Japanese games bible Famitsu recently, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned a few of the hopes he has for a new version of StarFox on the Wii, following the recent announcement of a DS version of the SNES and N64 classic.

The Wii controller, Miyamoto told Famitsu, could be easily used to control the airwing in StarFox. And whilst not confirming or denying that a StarFox title is in development, it seems to SPOnG that a new version is highly likely. Otherwise, why would Miyamoto even bother mentioning it?

In other news, MTV News ran an interesting interview in which Miyamoto spilled some more magic beans on one of SPOnG’s favourite games of E3, Super Mario Galaxy. Speaking about the shift away from classic 3D Mario games in Galaxy, Miyamoto said: "Our biggest focus with 'Super Mario Galaxy is having different spheres or planets Mario can visit, with the idea being if the planet gets very, very large the scenery will look more like he's running across a plane. But if the planet is very small it almost looks like he's running around a ball…. You can essentially run over the spheres almost endlessly. But when you do that you're moving in a 3D space but without the typical camera issues that we've had in 3D games in the past."

The shift in focus in Super Mario Galaxy, combined with the easy to use point and click control mechanism, is clearly part of Nintendo’s strategy to appeal to casual and non-traditional gamers, although what the die-hard Nintendo fanboys will think about the move away from a jump-based game to a “game that is more [about] Mario running around a lot and going to different places and kind of enjoying that," remains to be seen.


Joji 31 May 2006 02:16
Mmmm! More Starfox is always welcome with the DS one the way soon.

Mario Galaxy looks cool, I just hope it gets more love than Sunshine.
soanso 31 May 2006 06:12
I wish they'd come up with totally new characters and totally new games for Wii.
I loved the old starfox games. Starfox 64 was a big fave of mine but I think I'd liket o see a shift in style for nintendo games now.
They did it on DS. so why not on Wii too?
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