Fox Interactive Announce Aiken's Artifact for Autumn 2000.

Rap Artist Ice T Stars as Cain in the Comic Book Style Game Aiken's Artifact.

Posted by Staff
August 24th 2000: Fox Interactive announce Aiken's Artifact will be available on PC CD-ROM in the autumn of 2000.

Developed by Monolith Productions, Aiken's Artifact is a third person sci-fi adventure/RPG that takes place thirty years into the future, where citizens around the world have begun to display remarkable psychic abilities. Called Psionics, these tormented souls are able to generate and control energy emissions using only their minds - often with catastrophic and deadly results. Succumbing to the lure of the power they possess, these Psionics will stop at nothing to achieve control of the universe.

Players assume the role of Agent Cain, a powerful Psionic, groomed from birth to serve the public interest in the war against rogue Psionics. His mission is to stop the Psionics from taking over the world without losing his sanity. On their quest to bring the rogue Psionics to justice, players will infiltrate secret drug labs, explore demon-infested catacombs and participate in a sick and twisted game show.

Cain's voice will be provided by rap-star Ice T. Chosen for his domineering and powerful vocals, Ice T's voice will help define Cain and build a strong identity for his character.

Aiken's Artifact features over 20 story-driven single player levels with six characters. The characters have 'Totems' (fighting styles) that are derived from their particular belief systems. Players must collect 'Talents' (psionic weapons, of which there are 80) from these different Totems, which range from Egyptian Sun mythology and Demonology to Las Vegas style illusions. The Talents that players earn, such as Fireball and Mummy's Revenge, are needed to progress through the game. Players will also be able to download Talents and trade them with other players over the Internet.

Using the proprietary Lith Tech 3D Engine, Aiken's Artifact has stunning relative 3D graphics and a cutting-edge special effects system in a free rotating, isometric perspective. The environments are enormous.

Aiken's Artifact has multi-player support for up to eight people, with modes including Deathmatch and Insanity.