Titan A.E. Sets A Course For Playstation

Fox Interactive to publish new game based on the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox animated Sci-Fi Event Film

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LOS ANGELES (March 30, 2000) - Based on the highly anticipated release of Twentieth Century Fox's futuristic animated feature film, Titan A.E., Fox Interactive today announced its plans to develop the Titan A.E. game for PlayStation. Capitalizing on the film's edgy, futuristic theme, Fox Interactive is leading the gaming trend by taking this exciting new entertainment franchise to an interactive level. Titan A.E. is the most recent example of Fox Interactive successfully combining games with mainstream entertainment to reach
a broader consumer audience. The game is due for release this Autumn.

"We're raising the level of excitement for the film and inviting fans to embark on their own Titan adventures through the game," stated Dave Shaw, executive
director, worldwide brand marketing. "Titan A.E. is a perfect example of using state-of-the-art filmed animation and blending it with high resolution computer
graphics to create and interactive experience that will not only mirror, but continue the theatrical experience."

Developed by UK-based Interactive Studios, Titan A.E. the game will offer two different modes of play - third person action/adventure and flying game. Players will be able to choose to play one of two main characters, Cale or Akima, as they solve puzzles, pilot ships, avoid capture and use instinct to defeat the evil Drej aliens. Similar to the film, the goal of the game is to find the lost spaceship, Titan, and to save the human race.

About Titan A.E.: The Film Titan A.E. is the next generation of filmed
animation. Made for a contemporary audience, it is a roller coaster ride of
action and adventure. A journey that begins15 years after the Earth ends.
Humans are now homeless refugees, struggling to survive in a hostile galaxy dominated by aliens. Fifteen years later, Cale is a rebellious teenager, stuck on a third-rate asteroid. But not for long. Cale (Matt Damon) soon learns that his father has left him a ring containing a map to a legendary spacecraft, the
Titan, which holds the secret to salvation for the human race. With the aid of the Valkyrie's Captain Joe Korso (Bill Pullman), his beautiful pilot Akima (Drew Barrymore), and a ragtag crew of assorted aliens, Cale embarks on an adventure
through space. With the Drej close behind and betrayal from within, Cale must become a renegade warrior and a new kind of hero as he completes his mission to find a whole new world. Titan A.E. will be released in cinemas across Europe
Summer 2000. For more information on the film, log on to www.afterearth.com.

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