Yahoo! It's Croc 2!

One of the most highly anticipated computer game sequels is about to launch across the UK and Europe - Fox Interactive's Croc 2.

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The original, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, sold over one million units across Europe, and upon release, went straight to number one in the all-formats games charts. Since then it has remained high in the charts for over two years in the top 20 and in the top five of the coveted PlayStation Platinum range.

The sequel has finally arrived and PC owners can expect to enjoy an all-new adventure with the loveable green crocodile. There are four colourful new Gobbo Tribes (the cute, brown, furry friends of Croc), plus a secret village which is
revealed after completing all goals and collecting all crystals.

There's also another important new character called 'Swap Meet Pete' who has his own little hut and acts as a trader throughout the game. Croc can visit him and trade crystals for extra power-ups and bonus items such as coloured jelly jumps,
extra lives and crazy Clockwork Gobbos. The Clockwork Gobbos can be teleported to hidden sections of the game which would normally be inaccessible.

There are seven all-new bosses to encounter including 'Cannon Boat Keith' - the pirate, 'Soveena the Squid' - who has a crush on Croc, and of course, the infamous 'Evil Baron Dante' who is magically resurrected with his new troop of
Dantini minions!

Developed by Argonaut Software (who were responsible for creating the original Croc game), Croc 2 offers gamers lots of fun puzzle-solving, adventures and tons of challenges and secret levels.

Fox Interactive has also included an amazing two player mode called Omniplay. This unique feature means that gamers of all ages and abilities can now play together, switching from one player to the other using the simple menu options.

Fox Interactive is supporting the release of Croc 2 with a considerable marketing campaign including advertising on TV and radio, extensive PR coverage, and cross-promotion activity with major household brands.

"Croc 2 has pushed the boundaries of the PC even further, offering gamers bigger worlds, new enemies, and challenging gameplay. We wanted a sequel that was going to far exceed it's highly successful original, and we feel we've achieved this. Croc fans are going to love this." Commented Jon Richmond, President of Fox

Fox Interactive will release Croc 2 on the PC at the end of April 2000, with a recommended price of 39.99. A PlayStation version has already been released and a GameBoy version of the game is also in the pipeline - release date to be confirmed.

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