Date Confirmed For Alien Release

After development delay, Alien Resurrection set to terrify PlayStation gamers this November.

Posted by Staff
Weak-hearted PlayStation gamers should avoid venturing down to their games emporium on November 10th, 2000, as that's when Fox Interactive's much-anticipated Alien Resurrection hits the shelves.

The astounding first-person survival horror game, which has spooked the specialist press senseless, will be backed by Fox Interactive's biggest marketing campaign to date. Highlights of this include extensive advertising across the major national newspapers and men's lifestyle magazines - including Maxim, Loaded, FHM, Empire, The Star, The Guardian and The Independent; a national washroom advertising campaign hitting over 500 sites; and a high-profile promotional campaign within Warner Cinemas.

Alien Resurrection has already been declared the "scariest game of all time" by all that have played it, and has picked up a host of top marks from the specialist magazines.

Its delayed release is as a result of some consumer feedback declaring it a little too tough. Argonaut, the developer, has tweaked the code to make it slightly easier in places - but nonetheless it remains an all-out fear-fest designed to test the mettle of all PlayStation gamers.

"Those that have seen Alien Resurrection cannot believe it is running on the original PlayStation," says James Scalpello, Category Manager, Fox Interactive. "It is a truly stunning piece of software, and easily the scariest game many will ever play. We've been frustrated by the delays as all gamers have been - but, trust me, it will be well worth the wait."