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After training as a graphic designer, Ed was offered a job as a tester for the now-defunct Britsoft outfit, NMS Software.

During almost half a decade at the company, Ed worked his way through a period as QA Manager, Assistant Producer and Designer to the position of Lead Designer, working on titles including Tilt!, Risk, Battleships, Mass Destruction, Outrage and a number of 90% complete titles for companies such as BMG, MGM and Sega that went down with the company.

After a six-month sabbatical, Ed moved to London to work for Acclaim (Probe) as Lead Designer prototyping games for the Ferrari license.

In Spring 1999, he moved North of the river to Wapping, and his current employers, The Bitmap Brothers. Initially working on RTS title Z: Steel Soldiers, Ed soon convinced MD Mike Montgomery to revisit the Speedball series of games, with the forthcoming Speedball Arena.

In May 2002 Ed was awarded a directorship, and the new role of Business Development Director, and is charged with taking the company forward into new territories whilst continuing his current role heading up Speedball Arena and producing their external GBA conversions.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Ed Bartlett's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1996 title, "Battleship" (PC) .

Ed's most recent involvement was as Project Leader/Producer on the 2002 release "Speedball 2" (GBA).

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Director 13 May 02 - ...
Game Design Apr 99 - 13 May 02
Game Design Jan 99 - Apr 99
Project Leader/Producer Jan 96 - Oct 98