Notch vs Cliff Bleszinski Round 2

The Oculus rift between two gaming greats gets wider

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Notch vs Cliff Bleszinski Round 2
We reported to you that Gears of War man Cliff Bleszinski called Minecraft maker Markus Notch Persson a pouty kid for withdrawing his game from development duties with Oculus Rift - owned by Facebook. Like it was going to top there?

Of course it wasn't. Notch bit back - and then Oculus VR got involved. Read on for that. In terms of context - the report is here. Short version is Notch dislikes Facebook + Facebook owns Oculus Rift = Notch pulls Minecraft. Now read on...

So, Notch took to Twitter to say:

CliffyB, one of the investors in Oculus, calls me a "pouty kid" for cancelling the Minecraft thing. Damn straight I am

And then added some amazing context:

"@therealcliffyb also, the "ball i'm taking home" was a potential free version of Minecraft designed to promote VR."

Then, as VG27 points out, "Responding to Luckey’s claim on Kotaku, Notch said that he had built a few Oculus Rift prototypes and that Mojang was working on the game proper, which he confirmed would have been called Minecraft VR Edition."


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