Football Manager 2007 - PSP

Also known as: Football Manager Handheld 2007', 'Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007

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Football Manager 2007 (PSP)
Also for: PC, Xbox 360
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Strategy: Management
Sport: Football - Soccer
Media: Custom optical disc Arcade origin:No
Developer: Sports Interactive Soft. Co.: Sports Interactive
Publishers: SEGA (GB)
Released: 1 Dec 2006 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
Accessories: Memory Duo Stick


Football Manager Handheld 2007 boasts many new features which are revolutionary not only for the game, but for the entire sports management genre. Whilst Football Manager Handheld 2007 adds more to the handheld game than ever before, it is also easier to use, navigate and control and all the options are more obvious to players. Players have the option to get involved in massive areas of management, but can also rely on their club staff for help and advice. There are many new features and below are highlights of the key areas of improvement.

* Improved player search system - a new player search template has been created to make it easier to find similar players to ones that players may already know.
* Database editing - the ability to edit the Football Manager Handheld 2007 database to update all the latest transfers and moves.
* "Fog of War" has been added – Previously a very popular feature in the PC version, "Fog of War" hides attributes of players who are not well known. Scouting the players properly will reveal their full stats.
* Improved Media - loads more news items now appear in the game, such as out of contract news, transfer rumours, player form news and lots, lots more.
* Improved Coach Reports - more detailed coach reports so they'll give players extended stats information over and above what they can see on the screen.
* Improved Match Events - more commentary during matches to further engross players in the game.
* Transfer enquiries - the ability to approach other clubs for players and get the actual asking price for a player.
* Club List Screen – now makes it a lot easier to browse around other clubs.
* International Management – for the first time in Football Manager Handheld if a player does well at Football Manager Handheld 2007 they could find themselves being offered an international job. If they do really well, it'll open up an unlockable International Management mode, so that players can start the game as a national manager.
* Multiplayer - network play has been included in Football Manager Handheld 2007. Play friendly matches against friends or complete with strangers via wifi, using default club teams from the game or export club sides from saved game.
* Downloadable graphics - the ability to add in logo packs and competition badges.
* New skins - 2 brand new skins, Flexion and SI Blue, plus the old Football Manager Handheld skin, gives players more choice for their desired interface.
* Multiple scouts – players now have two scouts in Football Manager Handheld 2007 for double the scouting opportunities.
* Offer players to club - the ability to offer players to clubs throughout the gameworld at a specified asking price to make it easier to sell players.
* Board requests - Interacting with the board allows players to request more funds for transfers and wages and potentially making it easier to sign new players. Or if players aren’t doing well at a club they can plead for leniency and more time to turn things around.
* Player Relationships - Making sure the team gels well is now easier than ever thanks to Player Relationships where player's will let you know how they feel about individuals at their own club.
* New Leagues & competitions – including: A League (Australia), Portuguese 1st & second divisions, Belgian 1st & second divisions, Extra leagues in France, Italy, Germany & Spain, World Cup Qualifying, European Championship and Asian Nations Cup.