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More bad news for football widows.

Posted by Staff
The football season is well and truly underway, with star players, managers and WAGs dominating the daily news, both on the sports pages and in the lurid gossip columns of the red-tops. So it?s good news for fans worldwide (and bad news for their football widows) to hear the latest on what many here in the SPOnG office will fiercely argue is the greatest football management game of all time.

If you are a fan of footy management games and haven?t yet checked out the free downloadable demo of Sega/Sports Interactive?s Football Manager 2007 then you might want to down tools and go and grab it straight away.

And whilst the Pro Evo arcade camp versus the Football Manager camp continue to fight it out here in the office, you can now check the newly updated official Football Manager 2007 website which, in addition to SPOnG?s dedicated Football Manager 2007 page, gives you pretty much all you?ll want to read, see and hear about the beautiful game.

Football Manager 2007 releases on PC, PSP and Xbox 360 on November 17.


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