Resident Evil: Outbreak - PS2

Also known as: 'Biohazard: Outbreak', 'Network Resident Evil', 'Resident Evil Online'
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Adventure: Survival Horror

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Capcom Quarantines T-virus Press Release

Capcom quarantines promotional virus for Resident Evil: Outbreak.

17 Sep 2004

Capcom comes clean on virus Press Release

CE Europe admits to release of promotional virus for Resident: Evil Outbreak

13 Aug 2004

Capcom Announces Official European Release Schedule News

Plenty of PAL goodness dated.

09 Jul 2004

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 News

They wouldn’t let it lie…

14 May 2004

Capcom Reeling From Disastrous Financials News

Huge profit turns into terrible loss for Japanese games firm.

31 Mar 2004

Evil returns to PlayStation 2 this summer with a T-Virus outbreak of epic proportions Press Release

CE Europe can today confirm that fear will return to the PlayStation 2 this September with the release of Resident Evil Outbreak.

26 Mar 2004

Secret Biological Weapon That Turns All Living Creatures Into Flesh-Eating Zombies! News

Don't worry, it's only a game - Resident Evil: Outbreak update.

26 Mar 2004

Capcom’s network game causes pant-soiling News

Latest Biohazard Outbreak screens rock world.

10 Nov 2003

Resident Evil: Outbreak PAL network plans in doubt. News

Survival horror could be offline in Europe.

01 Sep 2003

Sony shows massive PlayStation 2 schedule News

Everything form a diddle-eye Joe to a damned if we know

30 Jul 2003

Capcom Conference News

They came, they saw, they conferred.

13 May 2003

Steel Battalion goes online! Massive joystick to rise again News

Capcom’s impressive E3 line-up laced with surprises.

02 May 2003

Online Resident Evil renamed News

From Network Resident Evil to…

01 May 2003

Resident Evil Online details emerge News

Capcom breaks its network silence.

19 Mar 2003

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