Shenmue 2 - Dreamcast

Got packs, screens, info?
Also for: Xbox
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Arcade origin:No
Developer: AM2 Soft. Co.: SEGA
Publishers: SEGA (DE/ES/FR/GB/US/JP)
Released: 30 Nov 2001 (DE/ES/FR/GB)
2001 (JP)
Unknown (US)
Ratings: 11+
Accessories: Visual Memory Card, VGA Compatible


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Shenmue 2 alone is worth buying a Dreamcast for. Gaming God Yu Suzuki brings us the next chapter in the Shenmue Saga, picking up the story where Ryo, our hero, arrives in Hong Kong, hot on the trail of Lan Di, a member of the Chinese cartel who murdered his father. Shenmue 2 is F.R.E.E., or full reactive eyes entertainment. This is the closest you can get to a virtual world.

Shenmue 2 is several different kinds of game rolled into one: it is an adventure game, combined with a fighting title, with Dragon Lair-style Quick Time events thrown into the mix for good measure.

The Graphics in Shenmue 2 have been greatly improved over the original game. The texturing used is of a higher resolution and that adds even more credibility to an already impressive game world. Sometimes the complexity of the environments places a strain on the Dreamcast, but this is occasional and doesn’t detract from the playing experience.

To get anywhere in Shenmue you must communicate with the characters in the game to uncover clues and locations that help progress the plot. The way information is relayed to you is now more intelligently structured. In game characters will point you in the right direction, and some will even lead you to where you need to go.

Shenmue 2 has a brilliant storyline, diverse gameplay, and can truly be classed as a masterpiece. The game may seem a little slow at first, but if you give it a chance you will find one of the best-designed and involving game experiences ever. It’s like being a kung-fu master / Sherlock Holmes living in Hong Kong in the 1980s. Crazy, but cool. Shenmue 2 is gaming cinema.