Worms World Party - PC

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Also for: Gizmondo, GBA, N-Gage, PlayStation, Dreamcast
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Strategy: Combat
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Team17 Soft. Co.: VIE
Publishers: Sold Out (GB)
Released: 9 Nov 2005 (GB)
6 Apr 2001 (GB)
Unknown (FR/DE/ES/IT)
Ratings: 3+


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The Worms are back in town and it’s time to have a party. Worms World Party on the PC is the latest instalment in Team17’s popular series. In case you’ve missed out on the Worms phenomenon since its release in 1995, Worms is a cartoon-styled turn based strategy game. Each team has a selection of worms that are placed in a randomly generated or pre-built map. Each worm then attempts to attack the opposing team’s worm by using an assortment of comedy weapons. The team left standing wins.

Worms is an intentionally easy game to play. It takes just one game to learn the basics, but still it can take years to master. Most of the weapons are projectile-based, so you must judge the correct angle and power, while taking into account the wind speed and direction. Depending on the rules you select, your worms will either be stationary or they will have full movement on the map. There is usually a set time limit, so it is important that you balance your movement with your attack and try for a quick retreat.

What makes Worms such an excellent game is how customisable it is. You can change every possible aspect of the game to suit your own preferences. You can change the rules, the worms, the weapons and how much destructive power they have.
You can even create your own backgrounds and sample sets.

The weapon cupboard has swelled to hold more than 60 types of attack. Flying sheep, old women, donkeys and banana bombs are just some of the hilarious weapons to dish out damage with. Additionally, you can use tools and utilities to navigate the map or build defensive structures. You can even dig into the landscape so you can ‘mine’ your own business.

Worms World Party is a fun single player game but where this game more than comes into its own is in the multi-player mode. Worms almost single-handedly created the party game, and if you have some friends around, this is the game to put on. Alternatively, you can connect to the Internet and challenge people from all over the globe, then you can see who the Worms world master is.


Worms World Party - PC Artwork