Worms Party On!

EON takes Worms World Party to PSone and Game Boy Advance.

Posted by Staff
EON Digital Entertainment, a leading publisher of video games and interactive entertainment, has secured the rights to the PSone and Game Boy Advance versions of Team 17's renowned Worms World Party title.

Due for release at the end of 2001, Worms World Party takes the series a quantum leap forward. Players control a customised squad of four worms and lead their wriggly heroes into battle against rival factions controlled by the CPU or friends. Using a selection of weapons that includes shotguns, Uzis, grenades and rocket launchers, the aim of the game is quite simply to destroy the enemy. However, differing weather conditions where blustery winds can send a grenade straight back at you, strict time limits and randomly generated landscapes all conspire against you!

With past Worms titles racking up over five million sales worldwide, Worms World Party is an innovative mix of arcade and comic set pieces that is guaranteed to reaffirm the series' reputation as one of the most addictive games imaginable. The game's release will also mark EON's first title for Nintendo's eagerly anticipated Game Boy Advance handheld, and stresses the forward-thinking company's plans to release the best possible games across all leading formats.

Worms World Party: is your worm ready for war?